Aloha! Welcome to Kuleana Campers Maui, Hawaii's premier camping rental outfitters.

An adventure beyond just rentals, we believe travelers should have the chance to connect deeper to nature, themselves, and their loved ones. Kulelana Campers Maui is an accessible way to fully experience Maui's beautiful beaches, lush green rainforests, bright flowers, and ripe fruits. We provide everything you need to camp and adventure in Maui, Hawaii. Through love and respect for the island, we strive for sustainability and to leave zero trace. Our camper vehicles come fully equipped with everything you need to camp with ease.

The process is simple, book your camper vehicle, book your campsite, and somewhere in the mix of that book your flight. Then, you are set for a vacation that is a re-imagined way of traveling to and experiencing Maui,

Inspired by our love for camping and exploring this beautiful island we call home, we encourage anyone who is 25+ (to rent the vehicle), excited to sleep in a tent, and ready to experience Maui to its fullest to take this adventure.

maui campervan rental

Camp Maui for Awe-Inspiring Experience

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